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River Roamin' Attire & Accessories

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

In time, this post will grow with even more cost effective suggestions for what guys and gals should be wearing or using when on the boat. Also,keep in mind, many of these suggestions make great gifts too. Who doesn't enjoy a new sun hat, scarf or snorkel set if you know it's something they will use and enjoy? So, let's get started.

With boatin' in mind for this post, it is important to note that everyone really does need a hat.

Super basic, but how often do you rush out and forget it?

So plan to always have a back up in your boatin' bag.

Now, pick something that is comfortable for you. For my ladies, I love being able to keep my hair up so something like this is a great option. I absolutely love mine along with a few other customized visors. That right, did you know you can get a hat like this one and then go to your local embroidery shop and get it customized? Pretty cool and likely just a few bucks if you go with one color and supply the design.

Of course, feel free to pick up a couple different colors as it's likely a guest may not have one.

Plus, we are ladies who love options so... check out more here.

Now, if you are anything like me,you are carrying several items while heading toward the boat. Balance is important and most docks at the boat ramps offer a challenge to navigate all on their own. Hence, a good pair of sandals is key. Can't sport those awesome shiny, slick sandals in this scenario. A fall or ankle twist is bound to happen. I am so happy with this purchase and selection offered from Hotmarzz. Scouts honor, these are stylish but zero slip making them easy to walk in when wet and great while glampin' too.

Of course, guys need some good flops for on the boat too. It is important to have them made from a material that will not become slippery when wet. This is true too for your actual glampin' gear. Yes, closed toe shoes during setup and breakdown are preferred. But during your adventure, let your feet breathe. My husband is addicted to these! The price is right and they last for well over a year with regular, daily use. Seriously, they are worth every penny and wear nicely with several colors to choose from.

Another suggestion for my fellow watercraft lovers, is polarized glasses. It's for real! You need to be able to see those sandbars and other obstacles in the water.

Proper polarized glasses can help you with that.

My husband is totally loving these and best part, they are not expensive. If your husband or partner is anything like mine, they are rough on their stuff. We have done expensive glasses in the past and they scratch just as easy. Plus, the ocean is nondiscriminatory and loves sun glasses from all makers. If I had to bet, between myself and the hubby, we have well over twenty pairs in the ocean alone. Anyhow, when I get these for him, I typically buy a couple pair at a time. This way, if something does happen to them, I have backups on deck. Plus, everyone thinks they are expensive and gives him lots of compliments because they look so good. Can't go wrong with these.

However, if you are into bigger name brands and you are more responsible with your glasses. Bass Pro has what you need and a huge selection! Use our link and explore for yourself.

For us ladies, I am loving my Woodies. These cool polarized glasses are a bit darker, which I appreciate. Yet, they look super trendy while being incredibly functional. Serving as co-captain most rides, it is important to be able to see shallow areas and with these, I am on point.

As a lady of a certain age these days, having a few good lightweight scarves to protect my decolletage is really important. Plan to keep a couple in your boatin' bag and be ready on a whim. By having a few, you can mix and match yet still enhancing your outfit or swimsuit for the day. Check out a variety of options here.

river roamin with the tillerys
Protect Your Skin & Accessorize!

Crew neck comfy shirts are also a great way to protect the decolletage while still having style on board the boat.

I love these t-shirts and they come in lots of colors. They do run a bit small so feel free to order a size up:

or, this is more of a jersey type of fabric that fits loosely...

Another great option...

Another must you will always find on board the River Roamin' Tillery Bass Buggy, are water shoes. Never know when you have to jump off to push this lightweight pontoon off a coral reef or sandbar. Trust me, as new boat owners or even an experienced one; it happens when in waterways you've never been. A couple pair onboard tucked away or on you while you row, is highly suggested.

For this mama, a stylish pair like these in orange is what I am rockin'. They fit well and don't pull too much in the water; plus they are too cute!

Though for my guys, something a little more flexible yet with grips on the bottom was requested. I like the fact these have lots of styles to choose from and can fold up. Meaning, they take up virtually no space. Better still, they are under $20 yet more durable than most with zero complicated buckets or strings to mess with.

For more options, check out the link here to find a pair perfect for your family's needs.

Another great item I recommend to have as part of your boatin' musts, is a good snorkel set on board. Thanks to an easy carrying bag, this set is really good quality without breaking the bank. If you don't love wearing fins, like me, no worries. Leave them at home and plan to bring them only for big snorkel adventures. However, for all those other snorkeling opportunities that might just pop up while you are on a cruise, you will be ready.

As far as bathing suits, men just have it a lot easier than us ladies. Here's a swimsuit style I am enjoying mixing and matching.

Still, here's a link for you to browse around for yourself:

For my boys, they are loving these:

However, you may want to keep browsing:

On board our boat we always have our floats. Check out Just Keep Floatin' for some great options.

Of course, remember your Boatin' Bag and you will always be ready to River Roam!

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