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Just Keep Floatin'

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

Locally, at the Sebastian sand bar or at various springs and other waterways that fit the bill; a float is a must. Let's face it, a float can be an extension of your personality. Or, it is there to be entirely functional. Depending on circumstances, there's a float for everyone.

At most state parks with access to a spring in Florida, floats are all the rage. If I had to guess, I bet it is even bigger in states with more freshwater and gator free. We personally have several floats choose from. However, always on the boat one can find two of these. One for me and one for the spouse or a friend.

river roamin with the tillerys at the sebastian sandbar
Just Floatin' Celebrating 6 Years of Marriage

An important note, is that these come in a couple different color. Best part, they have cup holders and allows you to sit up so you can take in all the views. Grab a couple ropes to tie off or to be led upstream and you are guaranteed a good time. Since it comes with two in the box and they are easy to fold and store on the boat, it's a good choice.

Another great option for self expression, is a giant wine bottle. We got ours for our 5th year anniversary party, I was on it most of the time. Seriously, this is beyond fun for your upcoming girls weekend. You should have a fun one too!

Check out a bunch of different styles here for wine inspired floats, you're going to love 'em!

Of course, having fun floats for the kids are a must! Just the other day, at the Sebastian sand bar, we try to get there often, there was a humongous flamingo float that housed just one little gal. It was epic! Here's some to consider.

My favorites though aren't as elaborate as much as they are functional. Especially, because there is often more than one kid that will want to partake. More importantly, remember to bring a float for each person in your group when venturing to the Florida parks. It will save you money on rentals and gives everyone a place to sit when on land. Also, remember your rope to tie together as you float. These are the ones we have and love them. Seriously, they are practically indestructible and easy to maintain. Plus, these floats also come in a two pack so just buy as many sets as you need. With fun vibrant colors, there is no gender specific argument that has to be had if kids are involved and yet they are perfectly sized for grown-ups too.

Bringing your dog(s), then they might need a float too. With plenty of swimming holes to be found, your four legged friend isn't going to want to miss an opportunity to float alongside. Swimming the entire time is likely not an option, nor are the waters always shallow. This is a real winner, even for our big boy.

No matter which float you choose, be sure to have a few ready to go at all times. There's no better way to pass the time then simply floatin' around. Enjoy!

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