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The Boatin' Bag: Necessities that Go With You Always

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

I bet you are thinking I am that lady that always carries a big purse; I am. As a mom and busy professional who lives in Florida and has a huge territory, you need a lot of items to get through your day. Most times, I can rely on my car to carry several of my must haves; however, you can't bring your car with you on the water. Nor does it make sense to bring a big giant purse.

In fact, for the boat my cross over purse is a must and it even fits and remains inside the Boatin' Bag while onboard and when not in use.

So, whether it is for a full weekend glampin' adventure,just a day at the beach or a full on afternoon on the boat, this Boatin' Bag is a must. Here's what I recommend and feel free to tweak as you see fit for your own needs.

Side note, many of these items will make a for a great gift. Who wouldn't want a new selfie stick, versatile bag or beach towels? If they will use it, and you can share a story as to why you got this particular item for them; you're winning points!

First, you need the right kind of bag. Remember, you are going on water; it may get wet so avoid a fabric bag. Scout bags are terrific, sturdy and spacious plus come in a lot of different colors. Though use whatever you have around for as long as you can to save a few bucks.

Next, you are going to need some skin lubricants. For me, I keep all my lotions and items for freshening up in a smaller separate bag within the big bag. This smaller bag includes sunscreen, I always have both spray and lotion of various SPF. For example, I keep 100 for my neck and face but use 30 for the spray, perfect for kids and adults who don't wish to spend much time prepping. Next, we use 50 for the overall sunscreen lotion that is ideal for skin that doesn't see as much regular sun. Then, I love to have oil with me. I mean, who doesn't want to have glistening skin (especially on toes and heels) and on my legs. Another must, is a nice scented lotion so I can smell delightful in the event we stop in someplace. Lastly, I keep a deodorant and makeup compact along with a chap stick and lip gloss in this bag always for me and my boys.

river roamin with the tillerys
Always Have Your Boatin' Bag with You

Shop sunscreen options here:

Another spray to keep handy, is a quality bug spray. Depeding on the time of year, weather,your speed or days activities; bugs can get bad. And, since you are taking this bag with you for all your glampin' adventures; you won't have to worry about if you grabbed the bug spray or not. It will always be packed and ready when you need it most. Personally, I love this product. Discovered it last year for a trip just before the Hamptons where I was told ticks were fierce. Just so happened, this product aired on the Today Show a week before we left. Fate? Maybe. Because, it works and doesn't ruin fabrics or vinyl you may touch after a spritz.

While on the boat, there will be plenty of times you want to hop into the water so towels are a must. I love keeping mine in the bag for ease of "grab and go" on the boat or even for the beach.

Once used, just wash and then fold to put back in the bag each time. This set of 6 is priced right and is easy to not mistake one towel for another because of their vivid colors should you have a few guests with you.

There are lots of great options for beach towels. Check out some more to find the ones just right for you.

Once you really get going at a nice speed in the early morning hours or after getting out of the water, when the sun hides behind the clouds, having a light blanket is a great idea. It can even be used for sitting on should you decide to picnic or head to a sandy area of land. When you need it, you will be so glad you have it; I promise. This one is a terrific choice because it folds into its own carrying bag which fits nice and snug into your bag. Keep in mind, if you have something around the house, use it. Boating and glampin' really does center around re-purposing items when you can especially the items you have already loved on.

Please don't think I am crazy when I say that having a selfie stick is a must. Truly, if you have a group or just your immediate family members, you will want to capture a few memories along the way. This selfie stick is blue tooth and will talk to all the newer phones plus it's under $20; ideal!

Of course, coozies for your canned and bottled beverages is a must. I always have at least three if not more. Naturally as a conscience boater, there are bags on the boat at all times to collect the garbage and recycling that accumulates throughout the day. As a rule of thumb for those of us with kids or full grown man child, a Frisbee and ball is recommended to have on hand too for a quick activity in the water or on land. On most days you will also find an extra hat, an extra pair of polarized glasses and scarf in my bag just in case. Please, refer to our Boatin' Attire and Accessories for some suggestions on a few of these options like hats, scarves and more.

In summary, this bag is just a great way to always have your essentials with you. Yes, you might add in a good book from time to time or through in your bag of chips so it's not put in the cooler. It is yours, add to it whatever you need. The real goal is to simply be able to grab and go. Happy boatin'!

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