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Cabin Glampin' Kit

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

With winter fast upon us, it gets dark out by 6:15pm. One clever way we found to navigate around the lack of hours in a day for tent setup is to reserve a cabin or Airbnb. Of course, many of these options are not on state park or forest land, so trails and park amenities don't really exist. Additionally, some have boat ramps while others do not. Still,we are discovering some real gems and also realizing we need a separate setup just for these kind of stays to ensure we are comfortable and equipped.

Here's our complete list of suggested items to bring in a checklist form. Scroll down for links on finding items you may need to purchase to include in your Cabin Glampin' Bin.

Side note, be sure to ask what the cabin offers. For example, many provide kitchen utensils including pots and pans and simple equipment as well as bedding with towels. However, options will be limited. Also, most do not provide outdoor seating but some do; it never hurts to ask.

Not all fish camps or campgrounds provide fire pits. For example, the Canoe Outpost on the Little Manatee had one beautifully dug into the ground. However, Grape Hammock allowed for a fire but didn't have a pit and encouraged guests to bring their own. So, having a portable one is great! Here's a couple to consider.

This one is great because it can be a signature piece at your home but quick and easy to throw in the back of the truck when you are headed to a cabin retreat. The cover, screen and poker already come with it but it also can serve as a cooler; how cool!

Next, space is precious even in a cabin glampin' scenario. Having a fold-able type of a fire pit is a really great idea! We like this one for it's stellar price point and the fact it has a case, screen and different grates for your cooking vs. fire scenarios.

Here's the link to explore other options when it comes to portable fire pits.

As with any good fire, you will want to be able to roast some marshmallows. These portable skewers will ensure you are ready without needing to scavenge for sticks as many spots in Florida lack the right trees for the job.

How about some mood lighting while listening to some great tunes? We swear by these tiki light, blue tooth speakers; epic! You can have them table top or on the stake for a more dramatic effect. These are a must and now are in our cabin glampin and traditional glampin kits.

As for additional lighting, like when going for night walks or fishing; this is a great portable option to keep in your cabin kit:

We love them because they are rechargeable and can be used as a flashlight or a lantern!

When it comes to the kitchen, many of the cabins will have some of the basics if you are staying at a private property. This would likely include a couple utensils, pots and pans, and a coffee maker. A blender or even ice trays may not be in there, especially in state park cabins; you get the bare bones and nothing more. So, we make sure to stop for ice and always have a blender with us:

Other options for a plastic pitcher blender for your summer glampin' trips include:

As notated in the above checklist, be sure to bring spices with you for all your cooking along with paper towel as there is no guarantee these items will be there.

Of course, with all this time outside, be sure you have your bug spray with you. If you adhere to the boatin' bag rule, you will already one with you at all times while river roamin; however, if you don't this is a great bug spray to keep handy:

Whether you choose a cabin because of ease, lack of daylight for setting up or the only option; having a kit to grab and go will make your experience that much better. Happy cabin glampin!

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