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Glampin' Kit Checklist with Suggestions for Ultimate Comfort

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Being outside in nature is great. During Covid, it's really the only safe thing to do. Yet, when you are out having fun, being able to stay a night or two really enhances the experience. Hence, your Tillery approved Glampin' Kit.

Now, by no means am I suggesting anyone considering glampin' will only be happy if you get the following items I recommend. However, I do know that ALL these items make me and my family comfortable and quite satisfied while out in nature. So, here's our list in a nutshell to help be your guide when loading up for your excursion; elaborations on those that are needed are below.

To begin, you need the tent. I am in love with the one featured in a previous blog. It is perfect for our family of 3 and works well on the rare occasion our son isn't with us and we bring a guest or another couple to enjoy that room. Yet the number one selling feature of this tent was the air conditioning ports; that's right not just one but two. This tent is literally designed to ensure comforting temps; sign me up!

river roamin with the tillerys
Nemo, Mama Glamper-Anna and #1 Right Hand, Charlie

Keep in mind for all these items you are going to need dedicated bins. My advice, label them and have one for each room or zone. For example, a bin just for the kitchen, one for the dog, one for all the electronic type items, etc.

Next, being able to know that the temperature inside the tent is going to be comfortable is very important when glamping. Honestly, you are there to have fun and feel refreshed not miserable. So, it too some time to determine which air conditioners would work best. Remember, when using state parks you are able to find campsites with electric and water hook ups which either an rv or tent can use. What I love most about state parks is that most all sites offer some privacy and plenty of greenery and shade. That is not always the case with just a standard rv park. So, when determining which air conditioners to choose from we had to take into account most electric hook ups are only 30 or 50 volt. The ones we found are perfect and priced fairly. In fact,in our first night of slumber at the Tomaka State Park, we all were chilly enough to need the comforters I brought. Crazy cool!

Now, if you only have one port and you'd like more power; try this one on for size. There's even a remote control to adjust it throughout the day and night!

Then, remember you will need stools so these hit the center of the air conditioner ports. Like me, you can choose cheap and easy; I love how easy this foldable stool is to setup. To be honest, it is a smidge to short but it does the job well and is easy to clean. Plus, you can't beat the price!

Or, you can choose to use something slightly taller and more industrial for just a few dollars more.

Remember box fans are still important, both inside and out. It helps circulate the cold air when the air conditioners are on. Also, it helps keep flying bugs away if you use it outside at your feet or in the afternoon just for a nice breeze. You can get these, add it to your Amazon order and dedicate it to your kit. Keep in mind, darker colors will last longer and not show wear and tear as easily.

Or if you want something verticle, it is a good idea. It will help save space and accomplish the same goal but also add oscillation; bonus! This one is perfect because it's fan portion does not start at the ground, therefore, your air mattress won't block that precious cool air.

With the tent and air conditioning in place, now it's time for someone to dedicate some efforts inside the tent. That's where I really step up in the process, as the mom, it's my job to setup the beds and kitchen while my boys handle the outside. Of course, beds are super important when it comes to comfort and enjoying sleeping as close to outside as I want to be. To be entirely honest, two queen beds maybe even three without the kitchen fit, it's what we have. However, it fits sluggly.

So, if you can get a smaller bed for one do it. If you can't, it works well; you just have to get used to having very little space in one of the rooms as a result. What's really amazing about the air mattresses we have are that it has an internal, electric pump to inflate and deflate. It doesn't get much easier folks. With that in mind, my husband and I don't mind climbing into bed, stashing a bottle of water on either side and getting all comfy in the cooled room. This is the bed we have for us and our son minus the headboard feature we opted for to hold our lanterns in place so we can read. Perhaps, if we didn't have those we'd have that little extra room that will make all the difference. So, be sure to check this out and it comes in assorted sizes. Best part, it's puncture resistant and water proof; how perfect for glampers!

Depending on your campsite, you may be on gravel. Even with an awesome tent, having an additional substrate underneath will serve you well to protect the tent's base. As of now, we have been on two gravel sites and I am noticing small puncture wounds in the tent as a result. So, here's a great option to add more cushion to your "flooring" while also protecting your tent. If you too already have tiny puncture spots from the tops of gravel stones, simple black duct tape will work well. Moving forward, having a couple of these to cover the bulk base of your tent is highly suggested. Remember, no need to cover areas that aren't walked, rolled or slept on. Best part, this simply rolls up and can be hosed off after each use; perfect!

Be sure you have your kitchen glampin' kit ready to go and added to your pile of gear that goes. Don't forget the cushions for the picnic table, you'll thank me later. Next, having good camping chairs and seating is vital. Think about it, much of your time from late afternoon will be at your site, by a fire. Likely, you will be playing games, making a fire and grilling. So, here's our favorite camping seating options; cost effective and durable. Also, lots of color options and these are versatile to work well at the beach, sporting games and more. I mean, it has a cup holder, mini cooler and folds up in a carrying case all made by Coleman; the answer is sold.

Of course, depending on your deadlines and desire of color or features; here's a link for more camping chair options.

Speaking of seating, even with citronella burning and bug spray on your body, bugs can still be an issue. So if there's rain and the bugs swarm afterwards, you are going to love having this screened enclosure to keep you safe and dry. Go ahead, stick your fan inside and play a few hands of cards, even enjoy dinner under here. You can't go wrong by having this and it takes up little space in your travels. Side note, it too is Ozark Trial; quality all the way around. I am a big fan and I am sure you will be too.

How about some mood lighting? Yes, it's important and we will dedicate a whole blog to the many options and why. Yet, music and lights in one? It is a thing and thanks to my awesome gal pal from this past 2019 Christmas, it's now part of our glampin' kit forever more because it is so perfect for the experience.

Whether you are headed to the bathhouse or at two different locations fishing, having walkie talkies is always fun. Even when our son and dog are in the back of the truck, I like to use the walkie-talkies to highlight where he should look to see deer and other wildlife. Simply, make sure each one is set to the same signal and you're golden. Depending on your size family, you might need more than just two. I like this setup because you will always have back up and the range is crazy far!

Don't need that many? Here are some other worthwhile options. Just be mindful of how far the range is. You will need as much as possible because many of these parks and forests are very vast. Please also note, much of the area won't get good reception so having a back up like this is just one more way you can pat yourself of the back later.

Lighting is REALLY important during your glamping experience. While inside the tent or enjoying the outdoor setup you created; string lights and flashlights will set the mood and make your evening excursions safer. Here's a few of the ones we recommend with other options available below.

During pack up, a shop vac will go a long way over a broom to get out sand and rocks that make their way inside. This one is the perfect size! Plus, if the tent gets wet inside from a spilled water bowl for the dog or a bit of rain from a big storm, just remove the filter and suck it up and out. Yet, it's the size and shape along with its attachments that I love. Truthfully, it fits perfect in our packed boat.

P.S I used this vac inside its box as the "stand" for the box fan in our room. We used the box for our coffee maker to support our son's fan. Remember, while glampin' it is all about using what you have, while have the comforts you want.

Other outdoor and glampin' kit musts are likely things you have at home already. However, if you don't have them after cross referencing the checklist above please shop using our link so we can continue to support local parks and sharing our experiences with you; happy glampin'!

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