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Glampin' Campsite Games and Gizmos

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Being together with ones you love is always a treat. Yet, being able to partake in some campsite fun makes the entire experience that much more memorable. For short weekend trips, there might not be tons of time to play game after game; however, you will be able to fit in a round or two. So, here's a few of our favorite games and accessories to bring that we find captivating and hopefully you will too.

For starters, you must bring some playing cards. Personally, we have a few different setup of cards in our traveling card box. For example, we have two sets blended for my husband's and I ongoing game of Rummy 5000. Once we hit 5,000 and proclaim a winner, we simply start another one. If you are bringing a couple of friends, playing Euchre is also really fun. Though it is known as a northerner card game, many in Florida know how to play and it's super fun for 4 players. Of course, if need be, you can help pass the time some Solitaire, War or even a bit of Goldfish depending on your group's ages. Simply put, playing cards are a must.

Keeping in mind, our son is a bit older, we love to play Boggle like we did at Myakka River State Park. It's a terrific word search game! Each player gets their own paper and pen and everyone gets a turn to shake the letter dice. With a flip of the timer, the game begins to see who can find the most amount of four letter or more words. Once time is up, everyone has the opportunity to read of their findings. If any words are the same as someone else's, no points are earned for those. Though everyone is looking at the same setup; it's uncanny how different the words can be.

Another timeless game that requires little skill yet a fair amount of strategy and luck is Yahtzee. It's always fun to be able to shake the five dice and see what combos you can make. Full house? Large Straight? The full Yahtzee with maybe a bonus one to boot? If playing on the supplied picnic table most parks provide, use the lid of one of your bins to help create a smooth surface. This will help make sure the dice fall flat and also offers a small lip on the sides so they stay within the space.

Side note, you don't have to use the shaker that is provider. We personally prefer the feeling of the dice in our hands. However, for little hands that shaker can come in handy.

Have you heard of Left Right Center? This is really fun and you can play with the chips provided or money. Whether it be for quarters or dollar bills, it's a great game that our son loves to play with us a few hands in a row. Simply roll three dice and if you get a dot, you keep your stash of coins. Roll a left or right, you give a single token to that corresponding player. Roll a "C," your piece goes into the pot. Before you know it, the pot goes to the last person still with an chips, coins or dollars in hand. With easy rules, opportunity to play with many and a fast paced nature, it's a game you will thoroughly enjoy too.

Thanks to a nice stranger at Target years ago, our family fell in love with Skip Bo. A super simple card game, the goal is to be the first to run out of your stash pile. By building stacks using the numbers 1-12, players maintain five cards in their hands with each round until the stash pile disappears. It is important to pay attention to what the other players need and to try and keep them from playing their stash pile. One of the coolest parts of the game, the orange Skip Bo card can be anything you need it to be. A bit of strategic thinking goes a long way but it's not too hard for kids to grasp. It really is lots of fun!

Another classic card game that doesn't take up much room in your luggage, Uno. A great game for people of all ages, this game is about following suite when it comes to color and direction the cards give. Be the first to run out of cards after announcing Uno each time you have just one card in your hand, then you are the winner.

Since card games are so easy to bring, Phase 10 is another must try. It is like a blend of Skip Bo, Uno and Rummy. In fact, after a family wedding over the Christmas holiday, our new sister-in-law became hooked on this game in just a matter of one evening. It is really fun with a big group of people but easily playable with just two or three. Goal is to be the first to complete all ten Phases and have the least amount of points. At any point in the game, any player can be on a different phase so it's important to stay alert and have a reliable score keeper.

Perhaps my all time favorite game, Scrabble. This is fun during a rainstorm or even in the late afternoon, settling in after your adventures. Scrabble is essentially a crossword game that gives 2-4 players a chance to create words using their seven letters. Better still, you can use the letters on the board to build off and hit the colored squares granting you additional points for letters, even entire words. This board is pretty cool, because the letters lock in with no fear of the board getting knocked and the words going all askew.

Of course, depending on your group and preferences, there are likely other games that will be fun to play while glamping too. Here's a link to explore some more.

When #glamping, it is inevitable that bugs and insects will be unwelcome guests. From flies to mosquitoes even flying beetles, there will be plenty of buzzing going on. However, for those pesky flies that may cause you to throw away an entire drink or plate of food, here's a few suggestions of items that can make your campsite less fly invested. Yet, even more fun whether for a kid or grown up.

For starters, every man or boy enjoys being able to aim and shoot. So, why not do it while helping to keep flies at bay.

A personal favorite is our electric fly swatter. Less aim is required and it's incredibly effective in the home or outside.

Know why you don't hoola hoop or jump rope as much as you used to? Because there is no room inside the house or likely on your back porch. However, when glamping, there is lots of room! Personally, I hoola hoop a lot at home for exercise and so having mine with me on the boat is not uncommon. However, in an effort to take up less space, you can find a hoola hoop like this that breaks down and easily reassembles for lots of use on your many outdoor adventures. Even better, it comes with a bonus jump rope! Not that you are going to use these fun accessories with every trip, but on the times you just want to move; you will be so happy you did.

Now, depending on your the group you are with, a skip it is a really fun "toy" to bring along. Especially as a fun gift if you are planning to meet with friends who have a young girl they are bringing. This activity is something that you can use while at the site or on a walk even at the playground many of the campgrounds provide. Of course, it isn't just for kids and when looking for a way to bond; this just might be it. Back in the day, there was a counter on these fitness toys. Nowadays, not so much. However, this one folds for ease of transport and it even lights up; bonus! I have one in our kit always and it's a terrific way to light up the dusk while waiting for the coals to turn gray.

Naturally, more colors and options exist so check out a few more here.

In the Florida State Parks, or in your state's, there are bound to be ample amounts of smooth road to take advantage of. For kids or adults, interested in skateboarding; try it out! Found these cool illuminated ones; epic!

Mini Cruiser Skateboard for Beginner Teens:

With so many great items to bring along for the trip, just remember it's important to choose items easy to carry and that you will use. Even with water exploring, setting up, taking down, cooking and sleeping; there's going to be plenty of opportunity to simply play games together. You are going to want to have a few fun accessories to help pass the time and give you all something to reminisce about. Happy glampin'!

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