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Steinhatchee River to Start ‘22!

Taking advantage of rivers further away during school breaks is a must! This President‘s weekend we went to the Steinhatchee which happened to also be the annual Fiddler Crab Festival. From what we hear, the spot we got right next to the stage for the weekend‘s music is hard to get. Guess we called at the right time to snag a cancellation.

This trip was full of firsts. Our first camping trip with the new puppy, Seger. It was also the first camping trip with fireworks, three days of live music and a morning parade. Though the weather was chilly and a bit rainy, the overall experience was quite interesting. So were the accents, that made this spot even more unique. The Steinhatchee River Marina proved to be a terrific place foe entertainment and hospitality with our boat safely docked in slot #43.

For elaborations on the fun, fishing and food listen here:

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