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Sliders: Perfect Lunchin' Option for a Day on the Water

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

Let's face it when you are out on the water, a huge messy sandwich can be too big of a commitment. Hence, we fell in love with sliders! It is the perfect amount of time dedication that allows you to fuel up without missing out too much on valuable water or fishing time.

Of course, wraps are also a great solution or even subs that are cut into segments. However, if you are thinking to compose something on the boat or another type of watercraft; sliders are where it is at.

Here's a few my boys and friends have been big fans of:

Egg Salad Sliders; Yum!

Egg salad is timeless and easy to make ahead of time and pack in the cooler. While onboard, we simply scooped the pre-made egg salad onto the soft buns and enjoyed. Some variations or suggestions would be:

*Use Hellman's Mayonnaise

*Try adding some thinly sliced celery for a little extra crunch

*Sprinkle some Lawry's Garlic Salt into the mix; so good!

Italian Sliders; classic!

Mini Italian sliders are so good! Personally, we like to use the Hawaiian sweet roll or butter roll for these and toast them ahead of time. In fact, since most of our trips are Friday through Sunday, I pre-make these sliders and leave the condiments on the side to be applied while on the boat for lunch that Saturday. Some variations and suggestions would be:

*Cheery-wood or smoked ham seems to pair better with the salami and mustard.

*Toast buns to better holdup to the natural grease of the salami, pepperoni.

*Use both pepperoni and salami with the ham for more flavor; just one piece or even half of each is plenty.

*Use an aged Swiss or provolone so it doesn't "melt" while in the cooler or out for a bit in the Florida summer heat.

*bring small bottles of your favorite mustard, mayor or aoili.

*bring a separate container of sliced tomato, onion, lettuce.

Chicken Salad: Curry or Not...It's a Go-To!

Chicken salad is just so timeless. With plenty of fun variations and options; this is another great item to make ahead of time and serve while onboard. No need to pre-make these sliders and if you don't have buns; use crackers! Some options and suggestions:

*include fresh apple and/or raisins

*saute some onions and include with or without fruit

*use enough curry to make the entire salad turn a golden color

*consider adding some hard boiled egg to it

*make sure you use enough mayo or yogurt to ensure it stays creamy enough

Turkey Bacon & Swiss; Yes Please!

Turkey, bacon and Swiss; it's always a crowd favorite. Get creative with your bun choice and remember condiments on the side let the sliders last longer. Again, we recommend toasting the bun and using an aged Swiss with having all produce in a separate bin to add at lunchtime.

*thick bacon makes for an even better bite.

*smoked turkey is our favorite but a peppered turkey is also a good option

*try bringing sliced avocado, lettuce, tomato separate

*a mini ranch is a good condiment if you want to skip mayo. Later, use the dressing for a side salad with whatever you grill.

Basically, any sandwich you love will be great as a slider. Thus far, we have done versions of Ruebens, tuna salad and gyros. Just remember to toast buns when needed and have other fixings on the side. Make it easy for folks to grab and enjoy without there being a set lunch time as a day on the water can get folks hungry at different times. This also takes the pressure of the boat host to be able to relax knowing everything is self serve and easy.

Happy boatin' and lunchin y'all!

P.S. Consider, always having a jar of sliced pickles as they can add a lot of flavor especially if you forget condiments; yes I am guilty of such a thing. Luckily, those terrific Claussen pickles saved the day!

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