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Homosassa River Revisted

Since discovering “nature’s fishbowl,” this enchanting river that leads from spring head of fresh water to the salty bay has been on our mind. We discovered it Easter weekend of 2021. Now, in 2022, the Tillerys are excited to be back this time with son, Charlie and New pup, Seger.

The Homosassa River RV Resort was where we met our friend, Cheryl, the last time and we were thrilled to go back. This time, we had a better site closer to their well maintained bathhouse and adorned with a patch of wooded area perfect for the dog. Additionally, we even met some more new friends, John and Heather, with hopes of making Easter in the Homasassa a tradition even if going back each time doesn’t add a new river to our tally; it’s just that special!

Here‘s a recap of our experience with our podcast and live photos:

Still on river #40, happy glamping and river Roamin’ ya’ll! 🐠🎣


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