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Econlockhatchee River #47

In November of 2022, Florida experienced two hurricanes just weeks apart (one decanting to the Ft. Myers area) and the other causing severe flooding just as towns were getting ready for the holidays.

Fortunately, much of the state was unharmed despite the high waters. So, off we went to the Titusville area to explore our next river. As before, now that our son drives, we took two trucks so we could leave the campsite intact while off river roaming. This time, we stayed at a KOA near the highway, not exactly blissful but a short 10 minute drive to the boat ramp and eatery of the Jolly Gator, thus we settled in.

Having forgotten our portable fire pit, always being one of you aren't staying at a state park,we weee able to rent one from the general store on-site along with a few bundles of wood. We cooked our favorite Koegel Vienna style hotdogs over an open flame and played some cards before a deep slumber.

Up bright and early the next day, we saw how flooded the center is the state was and realized quickly, we would be improvising.

Here's our podcast and elaborations:

Photo and video montage:

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