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Bikin' While Glampin'

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

There's no doubt about it, once you are setup, you are going to want to explore. Whether you are staying at a state park or state forest; there's typically lots to see and do. Of course, not each park is the same so what you do one time you might not at the next. Also, weather comes into play. Regardless, having the items you need should you choose to take them, is important and always something you can add to over time.

Our favorite way to sight see while on the property is by riding our bicycles. Yes, we love to explore the waterways via that Bassy Buggy Pontoon, but after setup and depending on the length of your stay, hopping on your bike to check out the land is a great way to get a feel for the area. Let's be real, trailering a pontoon and three to four bikes requires some special equipment and a handy partner. Our bikes are beach cruisers, much like our boat choice, slow and steady meant for leisure. So, fill up your lidded cup and go for a ride. Here's what we use to make it happen.

At a slightly different price point here's the

This allows all our bikes to fit, streamers and all. Using our extender and dual receiver, we know the boat and trailer will clear even the sharpest of turns.

Now, most extenders (which we got just to be extra safe with the dual hitch receiver) don't come with a pin and clip, so be sure to add that to the cart too to be safe. Who knew sometehing so small could be so vital to your trip; but it's true.

If you are looking for a slightly different price point, this bike rack with red reflectors is another great option:

Trust me, bikes are great to have especially with kids and for when they bring a friend. Once able to break away from setup, they can then grab a pole and jump on tier bikes to explore; it's ideal. Also, it's faster for them to get to fishing holes and explore throughout your stay without having to drive them to each spot as some can be upwards of a few miles away.

Don't yet have a bike or gear? Check out these options, by shopping with our links below, the Tillerys can support our Florida State Parks and Forestry Campgrounds. Thank you! Also, remember, under 16, helmets are required at many state parks. Links for all those items are available below. Happy bikin'!

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